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Title: "Mikey Way on his Squier Mustang Bass"
July 18, 2012
Transcribed By:
: Portuguese [via] Italian [via Contaminated Days]

[Description: “My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way is one of our newest Squier signature artists. Watch as he discusses his dream bass and shows off a few of its special features. For more product info, visit .”]


Onscreen text: “The Fender interview with My Chemical Romance’s Mikey Way

Mikey Way: I had always wanted a Mustang bass, and the way that the Internet was rising and there was new outlets to find hard-to-find stuff—…You know, I really wanted a Mustang bass, and they started making them again. So, I got this idea where I was like, “Oh, maybe I could build this dream bass of mine. We’ll see what happens.” And so, I got in touch with Fender.

You know, my entire musical career, I had been playing Fenders, and I was a huge fan, and I told them my idea, and they were like, “You know, that’s a really good idea. We haven’t made a signature Mustang in a long time,” and they were like, “Yeah, that’d be really perfect.” So, it was really good timing. It worked out.

Onscreen text: Tell us about the design of the Mustang

Mikey Way: There was an old Fender guitar called the Super-Sonic that, uh— Gerard finally actually got his hands on one, but it was something we’d look up on the internet. [makes typing gestures] We’d be like, “Whoahh, the Super-Sonic…” It was something—… It looked a little bit like this, and I was always a fan of the competition stripe.

Everything had a racing stripe on it in the ’70s, you know? It was kind of a symbol of power; a symbol of speed. It’s a throwback to the kind of retro styling of the ’70s.

As far as the finish, though, it’s definitely a nod to musicians like David Bowie, Ace Frehley, you know, some of the glam stuff like Manic Street Preachers.

It’s got a shorter scale neck. It lends to an ease of playing, and it kind of feels like you’re playing a guitar at some points.

Basically, the unbucker: It allows for, I guess, maximum output. The sky’s the limit with how loud you want to get.

So, yeah. It’s kind of… You can maximize how loud it is and then it’s still kind of clear. You can hear everything. You can hear the all the picking. You can hear—… It doesn’t get too blown-out. So, it fits what I do really well.

Yeah, I really just want to thank the Fender-Squier family for this amazing honor and being able to really help me actualize a dream from…It’s a boyhood dream, really. Alex Perez, Michael Schulz and Chris Gill. They were really such a huge part in making this come into reality.

I wanted the punch and bigness of a P Bass, but I wanted it on a shorter scale. That’s exactly what they did. They gave it to me. I honestly don’t think—… there were barely any tweaks. It was like perfect when they gave it to me. It was like this beam of light shot out of the sky and was like… It was a cool moment being able to see your dream realized. I was like, “Wow, there it is,” and plugged it in and it played like a dream. And, I’ve been using it live ever since.

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Mikey Way and Gerard Way talk about their biographical clip for “The Kids From Yesterday”.

Thanks to rosesong for ripping this video for me- this is a new part of this interview, in case you missed it.

This one probably isn’t going to come through in text alone, but there are some cool facts included, so I’ll try! It goes by really quickly; so, often it’s hard to tell to what they are referring, but I’ll attempt to make my annotations as accurate as possible!

Mikey and Gerard Way are watching and commenting on “The Kids From Yesterday” video as it plays.

Source: MTV Australia (via Youtube user carmesim
Date: January, 2012
Transcribed By: Cassie
Translations: Portuguese (via

Mikey Way: [waves] Hey, I’m Mikey.

Gerard Way: [waves] This is Gerard. And we’re from My Chemical Romance, and we’re going to watch our video “The Kids From Yesterday” and talk about it.

[video begins to play, screen is split, showing both the video and Gerard and Mikey watching it]

Mikey: The shot of me jumping up and down was from Taste of Chaos. [clip continues and transitions into a segment from the first “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” video] That’s our old van—

Gerard: Yeah. That’s really early…

Mikey: That’s our old van, yeah…

Gerard: That’s a weird hand lick. [commenting on a clip from the Maxwell’s show from ‘The Black Parade Is Dead!’]. That’s a t-shirt that nobody bought. [smiles, referencing a fan shirt]

Mikey: [laughs] The “heavy metal killing machine” shirt! Yeah, nobody bought that shirt.

Gerard: [shot of a crowd] Japan. I think. That was—

Mikey: Summer Sonic, I think.

Gerard: When was that? [possibly referencing a shot of himself walking across the stage. It moves on to the next clip of a crowd.] Oh, was that Reading and Leeds? I couldn’t tell. I think, the ones with the crazy—

Mikey: [referencing an old live clip in which Gerard is wearing his “falling apart” leather jacket] That was Long Island. Yeah, you’ve have to have a Long Island. [grinning as the video plays] Let’s see what’s going on here…

Gerard: I don’t know where that one’s [inaudible]. [video shifts from live footage to them walking around then rehearsing] That was the day we had to rehearse before Reading And Leeds , because we were all very nervous about the show so we—

Mikey: We were in Chicago, right?

Gerard: Yeah, we were in Chicago, and we actually took a day off and we had to rent a studio to rehearse and put in extra time. [clip of Gerard’s middle finger appears onscreen] middle finger.

Gerard: You see, we’d never seen anything like this: that strung-together stuff we’ve done.

[video plays]

Mikey: [about a live performance clip] The kids were louder than our in-ear monitors.

Gerard: Yeah, well, they were louder than the— [points and trails off]

Mikey: They broke. I’m sorry. They broke the P-…

Gerard: They were louder than the P.A. The P.A. was clocked in at a certain number, and they were louder than that number.

[video plays]

Gerard: I don’t know where this stuff is. [Note: He has said this several times in reference to what I think are clips from their album release show in Los Angeles]. I can’t remember. Is it Germany? I can’t even remember.

Mikey: Not sure…

Gerard: It’s the Danger Days—… I literally don’t remember. Some of it’s Valencia, Spain. That was a really great show.

Mikey: Oh, yeah. The World Stage. That was such a memorable show [mumbles]

Gerard: Uhmmm…

Mikey: [a shot of the crowd hitting balloons] Those were the balloons from when we played “Planetary…” live. [clip shifts to a shot of Mikey playing in his Kobra Kid jacket] There was the Reading and Leeds show.

Gerard: Yeah, Reading and Leeds was probably my favorite show ever.

Mikey: Yeah! Same here. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t about Reading and Leeds. [clip shifts to a shower of sparks falling over a backdrop with Japanese kanji on it]. That’s Summer Sonic. Sparks.

Gerard: Nice. Spark showers are great.

Mikey: Can’t go wrong with a spark shower [note: As Mikey says this, Gerard mouths it as well.]

Gerard: And then that. [sparks shooting up on both sides of the stage]. [mumbles about not knowing what it’s called] Comets.

Mikey: Yeah, comets. I’m wearing the shirt that’s in this video. [lifts the side of his beige shirt with black animal stripes]

[video plays]

Mikey: Yeah, I mean… Reading and Leeds—that was just the festival growing up that I just wanted to got to as a spectator, you know? Being able to play it in any facet was just icing on the cake.

Gerard: And we had Brian May.

Mikey: Yeah! And Brian May was there with us!

Gerard: Brian May was nice enough to come and—

Mikey: a living legend

Gerard: —play with us. After reaching out to him, so that was great. [clip from TBPID] That was Maxwell’s.

[video plays]

Gerard: [clip that can be seen in ‘Life On The Murder Scene’ of MCR receiving their gold records for ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’, Gerard mumbles inaudibly about it.]

Mikey: Yeah, we got gold records from Revenge

Gerard: That— I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t even know that— [mumbling, if anyone knows what he says here, please submit a correction]

Mikey: Yeah, they surprised us with that one.

[video plays]

Mikey: Oh! That’s from Summer Sonic, right! That was the— [referencing a clip of a huge, floor-spanning circle of fans holding hands and moving counter-clockwise]— they did like a circle. They were dancing in a circle.

Gerard: Oh, yeah yeah yeah. [video plays] You know why I think I like this and a video like that so much is because they’re so different. What I am tired of is like kind of these videos where it’s like a band pretending to play music and they’re not really doing that, and it’s kind of shot and it’s kind of glamour-shot-ish. I don’t know that we could ever go back to making videos like that. You know, not that we ever really have, but those sort of, let’s say, “traditional” rock and roll videos, I don’t think that we could make, but we could make truly narrative ones, or we could do things this that are really special, so I think from this point on in the band’s career, you’ll kind of start to see one-or-the-other type of music video. It’s never going to be just like a promotional clip.

Mikey: Oh, is that the end of the Reading and Leeds set? [referencing the video again]

Gerard: That’s the end of Reading and Leeds, yeah.

Mikey: Yeah, we had worn our Killjoys jackets during Reading and Leeds and I just— it was so warm and I had to take it off at one point, I remember. I was hyperventilating.

Both: Oh! There’s James— [referring to a sillhoutte shot of James at his keyboard wearing the Mouskat helmet]

Gerard: Dewees.

Mikey: He’s got the Mousekat head on.

Gerard: Yeah, he’s wearing the Mousekat head. It finally made it onstage.

Mikey: [shot of the guys walking off at Reading] That was us walking off at Reading and Leeds.

Gerard: Yeah, that was a great feeling.

Mikey: And here’s the message behind the album.

Gerard: … The mission statement.

Art is the weapon. Your imagination is the ammunition. Stay dirty, and stay dangerous. Create and Destroy as you see fit.

Gerard: [thumbs up] Right on.

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New interview with Mikey Way and Gerard Way.

Text Version:

Title: “My Chemical Romance Talk Glee And The Big Day Out”
Source: Take 40 (via mcrupdates)
Date: February 1 (made available internationally February 6)
Transcribed By: Cassie
Translations: [Italian]

[Commentary interspersed with “SING” video footage. Note: This website seems pretty tabloid-y, and they seem to be kind of egging the guys on with questions that sort of waste their time. Gerard and Mikey, as you will see, don’t play into it and seem slightly annoyed.]

Take 40: What is it like being on the charts with Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyoncé?

Gerard Way: You know, when it happens, it is comfortable because I think that the music and the art we make is—it should be out there. That’s why it’s made. So, if like it’s butted up against anything else that’s deemed relevant at the time, then that’s acceptable. You know, that’s fine.

Mikey Way: You, I mean, I just think it’s kind of cool that, like, you know— we’re a bunch of friends who recorded a demo in an attic, played VFW halls and basements, and the fact that—yeah—we get mentioned sometimes in the same light as that, it’s kind of interesting.

Gerard Way: [Do we] embarrass easily? No, you know what—we’re kind of like animals. Like, if somebody tries to embarrass us, we lash out pretty meanly.

Mikey Way: Yeah…

Gerard Way: It doesn’t really—. It’s—. I mean, we’re a rock band, so we’re kind of allowed to do that. We also don’t show up for red carpets and crap like that.

Mikey Way: Yeah, we don’t go to that stuff…

Gerard Way: So, we don’t put ourselves in positions to be embarrassed or—. ‘cause I find that if you’re putting yourself out there in that way, and that’s the kind of attention you want, you will ultimately be shamed, embarrassed, messed-with, et cetera.

Mikey Way: We’ve never really had, like, an “awkward celebrity moment.” If anything, people have always been really kind to us.

Take 40: Who does a better version of “SING:” You or Glee?

Gerard Way: Us. [grinning]

Mikey Way:
Yeah, I wouldn’t even think that was talking shit. I think we do a better version, but their version was cool.

Gerard Way: I know a lot of people found out about the song that way, but that’s the point. Hearing the original, they might have been like, “Oh, that’s a lot harder” or “harsher,” rather. That’s the idea. The idea with Danger Days and especially that song was to subvert and get under the skin of certain individuals politically, socially, and also to get on national TV. Once that option was there, it was kind of like, “Yeah! That’s why it was written:” to get in there and talk about just how we feel about the world.

Mikey Way: There’s some different harmonies they [mumbled, inaudible]

Gerard Way: They kind of stacked a lot of vocals, a lot of harmonies and stuff, but that’s about it. I didn’t like the outfits, for sure…

Mikey Way: It was cool to see it in a different light. It was basically being like, “Well, how would you do this?” I mean, it was similar, but different.

Take 40: Kanye West VS Soundgarden: Who would win?

Gerard Way: [shaking head with a bemused smile] we’re not gonna go near it.

Take 40: [calling out in the background] Why? Because it’s—

Gerard Way: [direct] ‘cause I don’t care. [laughs]

Mikey Way: Yeah…

Gerard Way: Let me put it this way: We’ve been asked a lot of questions about the festival, like, “What’s going on with it?” First of all, there’s something every year with every festival. There’s always some kind of drama, whatever. [quickly] Personally, I think it’s a conspiracy to drive ticket sales, but that’s an aside.

Mikey Way: Yeah, people love drama…

Gerard Way: Our hour onstage is the same hour as any other festival we ever play, and it’s fucking awesome. And I don’t think or look or pay attention to anybody else’s hour but ours, and I feel like we’ve got the best hour, so.

Mikey Way: We like to stay drama free.

Gerard Way: Yup…

Mikey Way: Drama free.

[both grinning]

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Absolute Radio interview, 2010 (Part 2/2)

Source: Absolute Radio  (Part Two)
: November 9, 2010 (Based on the video’s upload date).
Transcribed By
: EKillick, @DeathlyDisco


Absolute Radio: And um, what’s it like, I’m not a dad so I don’t know, but what’s it like? Is there a real sense of responsibility?

Gerard Way: Yes, of course. It’s a huge responsibility but it’s a huge amount of fun. At first they’re very fragile and then all of a sudden they start to get stronger, and then now she’s just like, on autopilot. Now granted you have to watch her, but she can navigate the whole house, she has an opinion about things even though she can’t even really speak English yet but she can speak some made up language. She’s dismissive sometimes, she’s, she’s awesome. She wants crackers, she [gestures opening a cupboard door] pulls the things open and she gets the little crackers.

Mikey Way: Oh yeah, she knows how to get into the cabinet, I mean the closet, yeah.

G: It’s super rewarding. It’s just awesome, you know.

M: She’s always like, she’s always drawing something.

Read more …

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Gerard Way and Mikey Way discuss Danger Days VS The Black Parade.

Title: “My Chemical Romance discuss Danger Days VS The Black Parade”
Source: NovaFM (via mcrupdates)
Date: February 2, 2012
Transcribed By: Cassie
Translations: [Italian]

[Commentary, interspersed with footage of the band and clips from music videos]

Gerard Way:  What I like is that there’s more electronics in it, which is very fun, but they kind of have the same energy…At times, it feels some of the older stuff has even more? [looks at Mikey] Uhm, maybe because it’s so much faster, some of it, but it fits right in with all the older material.

Mikey Way: Yeah, it’s kind of like Danger Days influenced the older songs that we’re playing live and we’re playing them kind of under that lens. We’re playing them with a Danger Days lens over it. So, it’s kind of cool. It makes them all a little different energy. …

Yeah, we always like to take a left turn when people expect us to take a right turn, and pull the rug out from under people. It’s a fun, exciting thing for us, and we always like to evolve as musicians, so we kind of got to do that again. And, you know, next record: same deal.

Gerard Way: To me, there was a lot of hope in Black Parade that maybe wasn’t seen at first by people that had heard it, so—in some ways—they’re comparable. I think  Danger Days is actually an angrier record than Black Parade, you know?

Mikey Way: Yeah, it’s angrier in some ways, but then—it’s one’s one of those things where it’s like: We’re such multi-faceted people that some days, I feel Danger Days, some days I feel like Black Parade, you know what I’m saying?

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Absolute Radio interview, 2010 (Part 1/2)

Source: Absolute Radio  (Part One)
: November 9, 2010 (Based on the video’s upload date).
Transcribed By
: EKillick, @DeathlyDisco


[Notes: Lucio is the interviewer and will be represented by ‘AR’ in the script. The following takes place in a studio.]


Absolute Radio: Gerard and Mikey from My Chemical Romance, welcome along to Absolute Radio! How are you doing?

Gerard Way: Good. How’re you?

AR: [Pointing to Gerard] Uh, I’m liking the new hair.

G: Oh thanks yeah, it’s kinda messed up right now ‘cause I got my hat on. Well, it’s cold out which is why I’ve got my hat on.

Mikey Way: Yeah, it’s really cold outside.

AR: I know, you kinda timed it wrong. It’s well, you know, it’s winter. What do you expect? You’re doing your promo the wrong way you should be doing promo-

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My Chemical Romance Big Day Out 2012 Fan Interview

Title: “My Chemical Romance Big Day Out 2012 Fan Interview”
Big Day Out Official
January 15, 2012
Transcribed By:
Translations: Italian (via contaminated-days)

[Set Up: Self-recorded. Frank turns on the camera and is holding a list of questions. Ray and Mikey are seated before him.]

Frank Iero: Ready?

Ray Toro: Ready!

Frank Iero: [showing list to camera] These are questions for My Chemical Romance.

Mikey Way: [waving] Hey, guys!

Frank Iero: Carly Cooper would like to know, “What part of Big Day Out are you looking  forward to the most?”

Ray Toro: For me, Big Day Out the last time we did it was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to doing it with Frank this time!

Mikey Way: Yeah, yeah!

Ray Toro: We didn’t get a chance to do that last time.

Frank Iero: Good answer.

M: Frankie Strikes Back.

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Title: “Gerard And Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance thank fans for a Decade of Support”
Source: NovaFM
Date: February 1, 2012
Transcribed By: Cassie
Translations: Italian (via contaminated-days)

(Commentary, interspersed with meet-and-greet footage from JB Hi-Fi in Melbourne, AUS)

Gerard Way: Hey, this is Gerard.

Mikey Way: This is Mikey. We’re in a band called My Chemical Romance. We’re here at JB Hi-Fi here in Melbourne to meet some of our fans.

Gerard Way: It’s really awesome. You know, like, it’s been four years, and you always run a risk of people kind of maybe forgetting about you or losing excitement, but it’s been amazing since we’ve been back. I think it actually was to our benefit.

Mikey Way: It was a pretty big gap between the last time we were here, and luckily everybody was diligently waiting for us, and we’re as excited to see them, so it will be a lot of fun.

Gerard Way: You hit the first 10, and you’re like, “I don’t know…We can’t keep doing this forever,” and then before you know it, you kind of are, you know. Like, I didn’t think we’d be a band for 10 years, then we turned around and we were. So, I see the next 10 going just as quickly. Maybe quicker.

Mikey Way: Things just get better and better with us.  You know, everybody’s getting better as musicians all the time; we’re getting closer as friends all the time, so it seems like we’re inching toward something greater.

Gerard Way:  Just make sure the shows count. I think that’s the main thing. If that’s the only part of the day that even matters, make sure it’s the best. Make sure you put everything you can into it.

[Spoken to camera:]
Gerard Way: Hey, guys. Seriously, thank you for still being here. Thank you for watching us every day. Thanks for coming to the shows. We’ll keep coming back. So, thank you.

Mikey Way: Yeah, we’ll be back sooner next time, we promise.

(If you see any corrections that need to be made, please submit them.)

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Title: “My Chemical Romance Discuss “The Kids From Yesterday” music video”
Source: NovaFM

Date: February 1, 2012
Transcribed By: Cassie
Translations: Italian (via contaminated-days)

(Commentary, interspersed with “The Kids From Yesterday” video)

Mikey Way: We had seen a video a fan had made and were really inspired by it and really touched, and were like “Wow, we’ve never really thought about making a video like this,” and it kind of lead to us making “The Kids From Yesterday.”

[video footage]

Mikey Way: You know, it’s kind of like a time capsule: where we’ve been, where we’re going. It shows you every era of our career and the whole evolution of us as a band.

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