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NME Video : Gerard Way Interview (Part 1)

Source: NME Video: Gerard Way Interview (Part 1)
November 15th 2007
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Translations: Italian [via Contaminated Days]


[My Chemical Romance song “Cancer” is playing in the background. Gerard was being asked questions, however the questions are not provided, the video only shows Gerard’s responses. All text below is said by him.]

Gerard Way: Hey I’m Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance and this is

I think I actually knew it was going to work [chuckles] Uh…In some weird way, I could tell by the very first official practice, which is the one where we had Mikey finally come in and play bass, and we were basically kind of a full band at that point, more or less. Um…I actually knew right away. You kind of feel it in your stomach. I don’t know if other bands that have made it, feel it when they have that practice, um…when they write those first songs, but I had a very strong feeling about it and uh…I just believed in it and I knew it was going to work.

Why did I want to be in a band? Um…It was kind of a secret passion, uh…I had been an artist for a while and you know then there was these tragic events that had happened to everybody, and it made me realized that I wanted to do something with substance…so…I turned to music because it was kind of this secret passion I had. So, I said let me just try it…you know, I may get hit by a bus tomorrow, so let me see what’s its like. Um…I don’t want to spend my whole life regretting not ever starting a band. And so, that’s what made me want to start it, but how I knew it was special was the gut feeling.

I think that it had that effect on anybody, I think it was just how they interpreted it had effect. I think, uh…especially to the people that were New Yorkers, it had that effect on them. You know people got married, had kids after that. People got divorced, didn’t have kids after that. They made all kinds of crazy, uh…decisions. They changed their lives; you know, the whole thing changed everybody’s lives.

Like being in this band and being in a band that people have heard of, doesn’t change the fact that you …umm…you know that you’re not cool. And I think it’s becoming comfortable with that, that’s great. I think…I almost hate everything that’s cool …umm…I never want to be cool [Smiles]

I had a moment in Australia where on Big Day Out Tour, it was a really tough tour for us, and we had only really befriended a few people like The Killers and Muse, and then the rest of the vibe on the tour kind of just felt like we were the kids in the back of the class wearing black that nobody wanted to hang out with. That weren’t…That we didn’t have pointy shoes and weren’t cool enough to hang out, and it was before the biggest show of the tour and I was washing my face in the sink and I looked in the mirror and was like, “You’re still uncool” …and uh… [Smiles]… I was really happy with that revelation [chuckles] …and “You’re never gonna be cool so stop trying”…and I had one of the best shows of my life that day.

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